TonyWynnArt Photo Exhibit
(assembled pictures of fruits & vegetables)
Flags of Eden…

Floating down on a sliver of chimera all the way from Heaven
Landing. Stretching. Standing. Staring down to the endless infinity of the Valley of
The Gardens of Eden. I stifle a yawn.
Here in the once peaceful harbor of Fruitonia
On the outskirts of West Vegetalia I declare
From Nature Boy to Protean Man to Soul Surveyor, I mean business.
Here I pledge to commit to oversee the goodnesses of gods, I read.
So far the bounty is all we know…but we see no beauty in bounty, only possession.

I act like a harassed embarrassed ambassador appointee
With a limp bouquet of glad tidings and I smile and I wave
And practice my speech from an undisclosed location in all my drama
although my back is still a little stiff and am still suffering from galaxy lag

Everyone has been waiting for me all day to see who gets what.
Eve and all her children and them cousins and step kids
Getting out of hand and turning from brothers into citizens wanting separation
Changing gardens into fields into countries with no names.
Needing boundaries,
In Eden, I say.

God’s children standing in line for me. And I am here.
With the Flags. That the saints and I have been creating all day.
To stick in the earth dirt. And extra chain link
And bales of barbed wire on credit. And border security contracts.
And No Trespassing Signs with the Eden County Logo (for an extra hundred)

Encircled by the bulletproofed Refraim bodyguards behind my electronic security shield, it is lottery time....
The first on my list I call out:


And they are here and step forward. And I present and wish them luck too quickly.
And next Appleonia I call out. And they are here and someone raises a hand.
And they immediately declare war on Nectarinia and things go downhill from there.

Tony Wynn
Dispatches of the Ugly American

12 inches x 16 inches canvas prints
are stretched and ready to hang
$60 shipped to you.
United States of Thin Carrots
Plum & Banana Republic
Chili State
Lemonia Republic
Yamtana Territory
Finlandia Counties
Orange Juice Lakes
East Vegetaria
Melon Colony
12 inches x 16 inches canvas prints
are stretched and ready to hang
$60 shipped to you.
Shout out to my Turkish Homey at the fruit stand who uncomfortably made all this possible
West Vegetaria