This dream all started back in 1998 when I opened my first 
Art Gallery on Postoffice Street on Galveston Island -
SERIOUS STUDIOS, the gallery of the undiscovered country

In 2000 I moved to New York and initiated a website for Street Artists I saw selling their work on the streets of Manhattan.
My website, NYCStreetArtists.Com was featured in a story in
The New York Times in the month of October and they selected my own painting for the story, the NEW YORK BELIEVER (left).
I returned to Galveston for my RETURN OF THE NATIVE exhibit and opened a new art gallery on THE STRAND to show my new art and welcomed the relief of the peace and quiet of living in 
Sea Isle compared to the noisy lifestyle of New York City.
And I was preparing for my first international solo exhibition at the Studio Mezzo Art Gallery in Helsinki, Finland!
In Helsinki I was honored to present a piece of artwork to the 
US Ambassador at a private exhibit in the Embassy as well as a enjoying a month long ONE MAN SHOW at Studio Mezzo where I was granted a residency at the famous Cable Factory in the City Center.

Here I introduced my CITIZENSHIP PROJECTS which is an art theme 
I have continued to create and expand upon. I was honored to have my exhibit reviewed in the capital's largest newspaper with a published image of my painting The American Sister (below right).
But I guess I was really longing for a combination of BEACH & BIG CITY so what better place to seek both than Miami?
 I opened my Serious Studios Art Gallery in the Miami Design District and was thankful for the reception of my style of intuitive art and presentation and here I initiated a group gallery concept - 
Urgency, Emerging, Emergency - which lasted for two years, where I worked with artists worldwide looking to exhibit in Miami.
Longing to be back in Galveston I returned two yeas later to my third gallery location on Rosenberg Street for a short stay only to be chased away by Hurricane Rita - which was shortly after the infamous New Orleans Hurricane, Katrina, which shocked a nation and the world. Although unscathed,  I decided not to take anymore chances and prepared for my first move to Berlin in 2005.
My Serious Studios Art Gallery was just across the street from City Hall in Galveston and I remember seeing this image of my space on the TV News reports for the approaching hurricane.
And now to my BEST YEAR and 4 seasons in one of the most exciting cities in the world - BERLIN, GERMANY where I opened my gallery, SERIOUS STUDIOS BERLIN in the KuDamm and the art I created that year is some of the best in my career so far.
After leaving BERLIN in 2007 I was excited to return to Galveston with yet another RETURN OF THE NATIVE effort and finally found my perfect location in the NATIONS BANK Building,  and was ready to finally settle down in Galveston, but who knows what the future will bring - and certainly no one suspected what was to come in 2008 - HURRICANE IKE which devastated that dream.
Goodbye my beautiful gallery, I still miss you...
In this picture notice the water line approach the bottom of the windows (now see photo above) before the photographer finally had to get out of there. 
The storm surge resulted in 7 feet of water completely destroying mine and most of the business in downtown Galveston.
Ironically the only dry spot on the Island was along the Seawall and I was able to recover and display all my personal collection of artwork from my home studio which was undamaged by the grace of God. 
I will always be grateful for the collectors and friends who supported me during that POST IKE period as I prepared to move on again, back to Florida, but SERIOUS STUDIOS was now only a memory...
My POSSIBLE WORLD exhibit of all my remaining artwork for 6 months at the Piazza Blanca 
My current efforts involve reducing the storage space housing my archive of nearly 20 YEARS of my original artwork, and of course to make room for my ever expanding collection of new paintings. 

You can begin or extend your collection of TONY WYNN original artworks, your support is needful & appreciated.
Prices include insurance, & stateside shipping,
full money back guaranteed through PayPal.
I opened my next Art Gallery - CLARITY AT CONFUSION CORNER - in  conservative, ultra rich Stuart, Florida in the fall of 2009 and resided as a guest with friends at the NAKED LADY RANCH, 
a private 'fly-in' community of 5 acre residences in Palm City, Florida. 
Here I tried to recover by focusing on poetry, my artbook book BELIEVERY and organized signings while waiting a long year for my next studio/gallery space to open in Wynwood back in Miami.
Finally, back in Miami!!!
Here I focused for 3 years on creating more Citizenship Projects in my huge studio space TONY WYNN MODERN MIAMI
 in the Wynwood District preparing for a 2 year residency at the European Creative Center in Berlin.
In 2013, anxious to return, it was BACK TO BERLIN!!!!
My UGLY AMERICAN TOUR of Berlin 2013-2015 started in the BOHNSDORF District (west), then to the 
Tango Lofts in WEDDING (central) and ended with my residency in
 The European Creative Center WEISSENSEE (east).

Here I met and studied with Artisans from over the world and completed 3 sessions of focused attention to my artwork and introduced printable complex digital imagery to add to my portfolio of artistic diversity.
from $60 for 8X10 in. up to $260 for 20x30 in.
Charge d' Affaires - Carol van Voorst
Embassy of the USA, Helsinki, April 2001
above: Clarity @ Confusion Corner Art Gallery
in Downtown Stuart - circa 2009

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